HCIDL is a leading Korean institution that focuses on human-centered interactions using in-depth research to tackle physical, cognitive, emotional, and socio-cultural aspects of the human being.


The Research interests include User-centered Design for optimizing interactive digital products around how people use them, rather than forcing people to accommodate the product;Interaction Design for creating both the mental and physical interface between people and interactive digital products, services, and systems; Experience Design for seeking new design scenarios from understanding people’s subjective involvement with products and services; Co-Design for developing a link between collective creativity and rigorous design processes that actively involves all stakeholders, thus ensuring that the result meets the needs.


Since its foundation, HCIDL has focused on user studies that enable designers to access a user’s latent needs, while maintaining a structured design process. This way our lab has substantially contributed to the development of design research and design knowledge in Korea. The laboratory’s activities began with the implementation of classic user-centered design aimed at minor improvements, moved on to uncover interaction patterns as well as identify interaction design issues, and arrived at innovating new application scenarios for a comprehensive user experience. Recently we have begun to explore the design activities supported by co-creation, mass-collaboration, service design, and cultural comparative studies that reflect users’ socio-cultural characteristics.


HCIDL, 4F, Dept. of Industrial Design, N8, KAIST
373-1, Kuseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-701, South Korea


+82 42 869-4514 Prof.Lee (Office Hour)
+82 42 869-4554,4574,8776 HCIDL Lab


Lee Jaemyung, nestleshurei @gmail.com